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Monday, July 30, 2012

I am a 1940 Indexer and Arbitrator. 
155,000 of us have finished the 1940 Census in 3.5 months instead of the estimated 6 months. 
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Carolyn Christensen

Friday, July 20, 2012


My brother, Dale Johnson, recently visited Sweden where he took pictures in the places that Carl Oscar Johnson was born and christened, and where Gerda Theresia Hanson Johnson was born and christened, and where she lived.  According to Dale, the country is beautiful, with rolling hills, farms and forests, many islands and small villages and a few large cities.  You will find other pictures of these places elsewhere on the blog submitted by Dennis Bingham.

I have been fortunate enough to be given pictures of WILFORD OSCAR JOHNSON, Carl's oldest son.  You will find these pictures under his name, and after the Sweden Pictures.


After her mother died, Gerda's family moved to this city.

Sorry, my program would not rotate this picture for the blog.


Tryserum, Kalmar, Sweden

birthplace and christening place of
Gerda Theresia Hanson Johnson

 Birth & Christening place of


Recently I was contact by  nephew of Wilford Johnson and given some information, including a contacvt with Wilford;s Granddaughter, Sharen.  Sharen sent me the following pictures for which I am grateful.  These are the first pictures of Wilford I have seen except as a child in some early photos.  I have written further in other places on this blog about Wilford and Ebba, the first two children of Carl Oscar Johnson.  I have tried to find more about their mother, Emma, but have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks to John Carey and Sharen Bond  leading me to these pictures.

           Wilford Oscar (Known as both at different times) and his son-in-law.

Wilford and one of his three daughters.

                                                    Wilford, cropped from first picture.

                                                               Wilford Oscar Johnson

Friday, July 6, 2012


FOLLOWING:  Research notes I have on Wilford and Ebba Johnon and their families.  I am still looking for additional information and would appreciate a contact from anyone who has more information.  I have now added to this blog any information I have on these two people and their families.  I would especially like pictures!


 Aldon Johnson, son of Allen Johnson (Half Brother of Wilford and Ebba) visited Carolyn.  This is what I learned.  

           Ebba married a Rognan, and two children. 


One was Clifford Rognan who married Norma and lived in Bountiful.  (I looked up Rognan in the phone book and found one in Salt Lake. William & Gwen Rognan and also a Philip Rognan.  I will try to call him.) 

 Info from Aldon

            The other child was Marguerite Olivia.  (This information came to me 6 weeks after Kanda named her baby Olivia.)  Marguerite contracted TB and went to live with Allen and Rula in Shelley until she died.  She is buried in Fielding Memorial Cemetery in Idaho Falls.  Aldon thinks she was about 25 years old at the time.


 DONE Look in the Census for Rognons & Ebba Johnson.. 

DONE Look in nFS.  FOUND

DONE E-mail the two addresses I found in nFS – hope to coninue

DONE Look in City Directories through Ancestry for Charles Rognon , Clifford Rognon, and

            Ebba Rognon


nFS –

Clifford Maurice Rognon – also listed as Clifford Maurice Johnson or Rognon and

            Clifford Maurice Rognon or Johnson

Parents:  Charles Tennyson Rognon & Ebba Oliva Johnson

The Parents of Charles Tennyson Rognon are James P. Rognon & Rhoda Jackson and the line

             continues back on the Jackson line only.

Born 21 Mar 1920 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Died 10 Sep 1999

Bapt:  26 Feb 1938 – confirmed the same day.

End – 26 Feb 1965 in Salt Lake Temple

The sealing to parents is reserved by Don Rognon.

Sealed to Spouse:  Norma Charlesworth 26 Feb 1965.

No children are shown for Clifford Rognon.  (Prob living)



It doesn’t show any other children of Ebba and Charles in nFS.  Also – no marriage date. 

Ebba died:   3 Feb 1938 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Buried 20 Feb 1938 – with the source as Membership Records.  (ASSUMPTION:  She died before Marguerite. )

 Bapt:  2 Aug 1904

End: 27 Sep 1989 – IF


Slg to spouse reserved by Don Rognon. 

 NOTE:  I had added Ebba’s name as Olivia Ebba Johnson. 

            However, in looking at combined sources, I also added her as Ebba Oliva so I deleted the other entry.  There are three sources – I am two of them and Church Membership Records are the third. The chuch membership calls her Elba Olivia.

 YES - 1920 Census of Utah

Ebba wife of Peter M. Johnson with two daughters, one is Marguerite and one is Myrtle

 NO - Utah Death Records  for Ebba

NO – Utah Obituaries for Ebba

 YES – Utah City Directories on Ancestry

            Ebba Rognon lives in Salt Lake


Nfs & Census

Born:  6 Mar 1894 in Smithfield, Utah. 

Served in World War I

Md:  Isabelle Carey – 21 Oct 1920 – prob in Pueblo. 

Moved to Pueblo.

 1930  Census shows him as Oscar W. Johnson


           3 daughters:            Patricia, Frances & Eileen.

nFS shows:

Membership under Oscar W. Johansen  ???

No death date as been supplied.

No spouses and children are supplied.

Bapt:  2 Jan 1975  IF

End:  27 Jan 1975  IF

SP:       27 Feb 1975 IF

Wilford Oscar was BIC.

YES – Shelley 2nd Ward Records on Microfilm

Oscar Wilford

Born 6 May 1894 in Smithfield, Cache, utah

Bapt 2 Aug 1903 by John Proctor

Conf 2 Aug 1903 by Levi Naylor

Teacher 22 Jan 1912 by Warren Mallory

Marr  21 Oct 1920 – Civil – Isabella Carrie, non-member

Olivia Ebba

Born 3 Jul 1896 in Murray

Bapt 7 Aug 1904 by C. R. Elman

Conf 7 Aug 1904 by David Powell

Info from Walter Oscar Johnson 3-10 over the phone to Carolyn Christensen.

Myrtle, Marguerite and Clifford were born to Peter M. Johnson (Walter thought it was Larsen, but nFS and Census shows Johnson).  When Ebba married Charles Rognon, the children took his name. 

Myrtle died young, possibly right after High School.  Myrtle, Marguerite, and Ebba all died of TB. 

Monday, May 28, 2012


                                                          GERDA'S FLOWERS
                                                        Gerda's Columbine Ancestors

                                                    Ancestors of Gerda's Blue Bells

In the late 1920's, my grandparents, Carl and Gerda Johnson realized their dream, bought a farm in Shelley, Idaho and built a home about a mile east of the city.  Gerda loved flowers and proceeded to plant some of her favorites as soon as the house was built.  The descendants of those flowers are still growing in my garden in Sandy, Utah.  One is a purple columbine, and the other we called "bluebells".  It is fun to see these flowers come back each year in my garden, as they have been doing for 90 years.  It is a living tie to my grandmother Gerda Hanson Johnson. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

I have posted all of the translated materials of Carl Oscar Johnson's Mission Journal. 

If any reader has any information about Carl and Gerda Hanson Johnson's Family - please share by sending it to

Carl Oscar Johnson’s Mission Journal – pages 85-90

April 9-22, 1899


Monday the 10th.  I left the city and walked 30 miles to the village Liden and had a good meeting there the same evening, and there appeared to be many interested listeners, mostly men, and a good spirit prevailed although I was very tire after the meeting was over.

The next day I left the village even though the weather was very bad, and walked to Jerqvisle [Garkvisle] and had a grand meeting the same evening at [?}Lidbeck, and there was one of the largest halls that I have preached in, and a good spirit prevailed, and I sol many books and tracts.


Later, I talked with the estate’s owners until after 11 at night.

On the following day I walked in company with j. Lidberg to Westana and visited several places along the way.  No meeting had been arranged, nevertheless, many people came together and I had to preach to preach for a time, and we had much singing and encouragement,  and it was a great pleasure for me to see and be associated with these noble people.  I stayed at the Aslins that night, and the following day I visited the Larsons and Selander as well as the Nygrens and immediately after noon I baptized 2 persons and confirmed them.  At night I walked to Westana and had a meeting at the school and many people were together when we walked, and many people were also there at the meeting.  I was invited to the Bermans overnight 9page 87) and was [there] until noon the next day [and]baptized a person who had come 14 ½ (?) miles from the village of [Liden].  [He has written “2 ¼ miles” which I believe to be American miles which would be a more correct distance.]  At night we had a Testimony Meeting where everyone was present, and there she who had been baptized that day was confirmed.  Thereafter, 4 children were blessed and [the Branch] organization [was completed], and 3 men received the Priesthood:  Brother Alvar [Elder], Brother Selander [Priest], Brother Larson [Teacher], and were installed as the leaders [of the Branch].  Thereafter was the Sacrament Meeting and there was a remarkably good spirit present.

After the meeting’s conclusion, I was [asked?]if I would not accept a little gift that the brothers and sisters had put together for me, and I [promised?] to accept a remembrance which consisted of 2 silver spoons with engraving.  I felt a great sorrow in separating from these [people] here who have been so good to me.


On the following morning I had to leave very early and Brother Emil Aslin went with me with horse and sled to the Bispgarden station where I took the train to Fransta and Bracke and Anga.  I went and visited brother d. Strand at Finsta and stayed there overnight.  The wife, Sister Strand, was very sick and with hardly any hope for improvement, and she asked that I would anoint [and bless] her and leave her in the hands of the Lord, which I did.  Brother Strand now, as before, showed me much love and good will.

Sunday the 16th.  I left Br. Stand and took the train from Fransta to Sundsvall and arrived home between 1-2 p.m.  I received some letters and was happy for that.  At 5 p.m. we had a good meeting where many listened with intent attention.


After the meeting we were invited to Hoglunds for the evening and we were there for quite a long time.  The following day was set aside as a farewell celebration for me and the other brethren which [lodge?] at Sister Engborg and who are very nice and who will remain in my memory.

Tuesday the 18th.  I left Sundsvall in company with Brother Anderson and walked 25 miles and stayed at [name not legible] Inn overnight and the next day we walked [illegible] to Hogen Bergsjo, and there we had a meeting the same evening and I used the time to speak to those assembled.  The next day we traveled by train to Judiksvall and were warmly welcomed by the brothers and sisters there, and had a meeting that afternoon at 7:>30 p.m. at Mr. Johnson who had previously offered a room for my many meetings.


We stayed over the next day and held another meeting at the same place and those present were very interested and welcomed us back again if we wished.

Saturday the 22ND.  We left Hudiksvall at 5:10 a.m., I with Upsala as my goal, and brother Soderstram, with whom I was in company, to Kilafors and s [after that] we were alone.  I came to Upsala a little after 4 p.m. and as usual, I went to Svarbacksgatan 35 and was welcomed there.

(End of this portion of Elder Johnson’s diary)
It is unfortunate that Elder Johnson generally did not name in the body of his diary those who were baptized.  He did list their names in the back of the diary, but not necessarily in the order of their baptism, nor did he specify the individual baptismal dates.  Some names can be attached to particular dates by referencing family records, but I do not have all the necessary records at hand.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mission Journal March 13-April 8, 1899

Carl Oscar Johnson’s Mission Journal – pages 74-84

March 13-April 8, 1899


I left this place with stirred feelings because the people accepted me so well and they showed a great attentiveness as actual brothers and sisters [i.e., members of the Church].

Wednesday the 15th. I went to Korsamon and visited the J. [Jonas} Selanders after which I walked further to the Aslins where there was a meeting  scheduled that night and for me it was as usual there at [that]home where I feel happiness and peace.  Many of my friends from Westana were there and a joyful meeting in the word’s fullest meaning [took place].  After the meeting I heard word that some were thinking of baptism and I was happy that hope for a harvest was before us.

Thursday the 16th.  I was a guest at the Larsons that entire day until evening when we were a company of 18 persons who walked to Westana.

(page 75)

and what would those think who were opposed to us  We had a good and enjoyable meeting also this evening, and it seemed that all were members of the church [lit. brothers and sisters].  After the meeting ended a baptismal service was scheduled for the following day and I felt still better.  I was invited to the Bergvalls over night and it was pleasant there.

Friday the 17th.  I visited the Bergmans ad then I went to the Aslins and we sought a place for the baptism and it was shown in a dream to one of them who came, namely Brita Larson, and when we found the place it took only 10 minutes’ work to get it ready [and]it called forth our surprise when it was so appropriate in every way.  Thereafter, a lot of people came and I baptized 6 persons, 3 men and 3 women which were the first in this parish who can be proven[to have received baptism], but which (page 76)

 likely are not the last.  And when we had confirmation the Spirit was so richly enjoyed that I felt a great power, and all felt it, and 3 of those who were baptized, who were previously ill, afterwards felt healthier than for a long time.  [Note:  Thos baptized probably were Brita Aslin Larson, Johanna Carolina Aslin, Sigrid Katerina Aslin, Simon Emil Aslin, Erick Jonas Aslin(?), and Lars Larson.].

We had a glorious song and music [time] together for a couple of hours and we [then] separated in great happiness and my wish was to quickly have another similar opportunity again.  I went with [the group] to Westana again and was with the Bermans until the following day.

Saturday the 18th.  I left Westana and walked to Boda and visited the Ledins and went farther to the Lindes and was there a while and later [went] to Kristoffer Johnson and there had a meeting the same evening, and on Sunday I continued with


a second meeting and I had the happiness to send 2 of my friends from Kranga, Theodor Linde and Alida, and was glad because then I had help to play [instruments=probably guitar] and sing, and in that way it was a great help to me.  It seems as though here also there are good people and a good spirit was enjoyed and [I have} hopes for a harvest.  And I was very well met by those who opened their house for the meeting.  Sometimes I felt at thought I should be tired, but it went [well] anyway, and I was richly blessed.

Monday I left Johnsons and took a trip to Fors or Bispgarden and spoke with some places in the village and asked about a room in which to preach, but there were none who had such available.  I [stayed, or rejoiced(?)] with the widow Westin [The word ‘fastade”, or “stayed” really doesn’t match the context, which is ‘visited”.  If he misspelled the word and meant “festade”, or “rejoiced”, the suggestion of a happy reunion of friends in a religious setting would be appropriate].  I went back to K. Johnson and was there overnight.

(page 78)

The next day I walked to Garkvisle, but on the way I visited Ledins in Boda and was well taken off by them.  Arriving at G.[ark isle] I stayed with J. Lid berg and there was also a meeting scheduled for the next week.

On Wednesday I went to Westana and visited Nordlund and was there for a time.  I was to a couple of other places and heard that the congregation’s [parish] priest had been there and forbidden the people to receive me or offer a room for meetings, but had be the people were free in their thoughts so that the prohibition had no effect.  I was with brother and sister Bergvall overnight.  And the next day I was at the Bermans and Alvars as well as having a rest day. 

Friday the 24th.  I visited several places on the way to Krange and when I came there I was, as usual, very well-received and was with

(page 79)

 brother and sister Larson and we were together un 12 o’clock at night, and had music and song and joy.

Saturday the 25th.  We had a meeting at Aslins at 11 a.m. and there were many people there and a good spirit prevailed, and I had another meeting in Westana at the school at and I heard that there were some who wanted to enter the congregation [i.e. join the church} and I was happy for that.  I walked to Krange and was there overnight and on Sunday [Mar 26} we had a meeting at Selanders at Korsamon, and it was one of the best I have had, and such a great power of the Lord’s spirit was enjoyed that I had not the least effort to speak, and several were scheduled to be baptized, which ordinance was performed between 5 and 6 p.m. when 6 people went down in the waters of baptism and made a covenant with God to serve Him.


There were between 50-60 persons who witnessed the ceremony but the greatest calm and quiet prevailed and many eyes were wet with tears.  All was under the Spirit’s guidance and so was it when confirmation(s) were done, and it seemed as though this was a powerful testimony for many and probably will never leave them.  At 8 o’clock in the evening we had breaking of bread [i.e. the Sacrament] together and this meeting will be in my memory for a long time, for the power of the lord was so richly enjoyed that all could remember it. In harmony with the wishes and desire of all, Brother Alva was ordained to be a Priest in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, and was also set apart as temporary leader [of the group] until a more complete organization could be accomplished, and we separated after one of the most auspicious days in our life according to several testimonies and I felt myself very satisfied with this day’s work.  [Note:  As nearly as I can understand from this diary, those that were baptized this day were Alida Kristina Aslin, Sigrid Catherine Westman (Aslin), Josef Fredrick Theodor Lind, Jonas Lidberg, and possibly Jonas Magnus Alvar and Frida Edholm.  It is unclear when Erik Jonas Aslin was baptized, but his name is included in the register of ordinations in the diary.  Other family records should be compared for exact dates.}

(page 81)

Monday the 27th.  I visited with brother and sister [“sy”], or syskonen=brothers and sister} Larson and later Selanders where I was for a couple of hours and spoke with them and it was very incorporating [inclusive, or joining together] of all that belonged to the Gospel and with a desire to become one with God’s people.  In the evening of the same day we met with Aslins at Krange and it was one of the best meetings I have held, and my thoughts were [that I should]not come any more to this area so I took a find farewell of these dear people with whom I had established such a good acquaintance.

Tuesday the 28th.  I was then staying with the Aslins a time when a message came from the Selanders [Jonas and Martha and possibly, Ingrid Mart. Selander] that they wanted to be baptized, so we performed that ordinance at 1 p.m. I t was a real pleasure to welcome these good people into the congregation as covenanters.


I departed from them and visited several homes and I was wonderfully greeted where I came.  I didn’t come to Garkvisle until just before the meeting time and there were many people present.  The meeting was at Olof Johnson[‘s home] at Storbacken. {Another meeting] was also announced for the next evening, and the next day I wrote several letters and visited the J. Lidbergs and talked with them.  That night there came an overflowing of people and 8 of my dear brothers and sisters from Westana came with their instruments and that was a remarkable gathering, and I had to promise that I would return again for the purpose of baptizing.

The next day I left that place and went to the village [possibly Liden} and there was also a meeting scheduled there at Mrs. Lindgren’s home, which also was plentifully visited by many honorable and attentive listeners.


I also had a meeting at the same place the following evening which was Good Friday.  The parish priest had gone about and forbidden the meeting, but that availed nothing because the people [determined] to come to the house of E. O. Berman, and sister Christina [Alida Kristina Aslin?] was there from Westana, and so I help to play [music—Alida Kristina played the guitar and sang].  Here also there were a couple who announced that they would be baptized if I came back gain and I promised them.  I lived with the Hagstroms while I was there.


Easter day, the 2nd of April.  I walked into the city [Sundsvall] and a meeting was scheduled there at 11 a.m. and I took up the greater part of the time speaking to those present.  We were then invited to the Hoglunds for dinner and were there the entire day.  I had several l letters with good news.  The next day I had all IO could do to get the reports prepared to be sent.  Later we were invited to Klara Schader for the evening and there were many of us there.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I was home and began writing for the branch’s part and when I had completed the narrative [or description] and because I was behind in my writing, I needed to do it to the last [minute before] we were at Sister Engberg and had dinner and so forth there.  I had no more duties the entire week than to send the Nordstjarnan [the North Star, which was the mission periodical] and visit several places and prepare to leave Sundsvall after about one week.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have been inactive on this blog for several months, but feel the time has come to resume activity.  Therefore, you can expect to see new and/or revised materials and pictures in the future.  I am sorry for this long hiatus, but hope to remedy that now.  Carolyn Johnson Christensen


This is a picture of Carl Oscar Johnson that appeared in the book, "History of the Swedish Mission". I have added this picture to any materials on this blog that are concerned with Carl's missions in Sweden.


Carl Oscar Johnson’s Mission Journal – pages 67-73

March 1-13, 1899
[Note:  Johnson has misnumbered this page as page 67 even though it should be page 69, and thereafter in his diary continues the error in pagination.  I have used his page numbers as written despite the error.]

Therefore, some of them left that [meeting] place and went home even though there would [eventually] be a meeting, and at 7 p.m. many people came from their homes to us so that we had a full house, and I took the time to speak.

We slept overnight at the Ostlunds and the following day we visited many places and at night we walked to Boda and held a meeting there at one Hogelin but it was not filled with as many people as usual because notice had not been very wide spread.  We stayed at the Olof Ledins overnight and the following day, and had it very well with them and conversed much about religion and other things.
On Friday we walked to the Bermans in Westana because we were invited to stay the day with them, but we also were invited to other places and it seemed that all would have us as guests.

Regarding the people’s so great friendliness, it will be hard for it to disappear from our memory. On Saturday we walked to Kranga because a meeting was scheduled there but along the way we were invited into a couple of places.  Ewe were well received at the Asllins [Oslins] and had a very good meeting on the appointed night, and many people were there.  I spoke to them the whole time and I felt very good about it, and a meeting was scheduled for the following day.

Sunday the 5th [of March].  We had a time for song and music before the meeting began and after that Brother Anderson spoke for a time after which I began, and it was so good to speak in these meetings that we did not need to tax ourselves in the least.  There were some who after this [meeting] expressed a desire to be baptized and said that in the near future they wished to enter the Church.

We left this place and visited a couple of places along the way to the John Ostlunds where people were already assembled, and so we once again had a good meeting and many people were there.

Once again there were attempts to oppose us in that a preacher Hanson who belonged to the United [Moravian} Brethren was called here to work against our activity but that also was to our benefit.  Several of their members were expelled because they had taken me in. Others left [the United Brethren] on the ground of the lack of love and the hate which prevailed, and it appeared that the entire congregations was about to disband and I expect several of those good individuals to unite themselves with us.

Monday the 6th.   I went in company with Brother Anderson to the Nordlunds because he will leave to go back to Sundsvall and I shall stay and continue the work.


I visited the Alfvars where I was for 5 hours and talked with them about the Gospel, and they were very happy about my visit with them.  Later, I walked to the Bermans again because I had as it were my home with them and their wish was that I should stay with them.

Tuesday the 7th.  I was there until afternoon when a girl came and asked me to go to their home and I went and was well-received.  Those people had been expelled from the United [Moravian] Brethren congregation.  There was another meeting at the school at 7 p.m. and many were there even though it was so cold, and the people showed me the greatest love and trust, and my fine singers were so willing to perform songs and music [instrumental?]to thereby improve interest and increase pleasure [in the meeting].   I stayed with the Bermans this night, also.


The next day I left the people there and went to the Aslins at Kranga where I was invited to dinner and we scheduled a meeting for the next week.  Later I visited with the Hodins and Selanders and was well-received.  There was a Mrs. Timmer who went with me to Langsjonaset and when I got there I was taken care of well by people [named].  Westerberg who also scheduled a meeting that evening.  IO then had my first meeting in this village and many were present there, and I sold 5 books after the meeting ended.  Another meeting for the next evening was announced.  Next day I rested and wrote my report and I had it very good at the before named people[‘s home], and we talked about all sorts of things.  And I reflected over how the mission could be maintained in this region because missionaries are needed to support it.
At night the house was again full of attentive listeners and we also had good music.  The following day I walked through the woods and came to Hellsjo and met Carl Nilson with whom I was slightly acquainted and who desired that I should be a guest at his home, and I was very well-received, and there was also a meeting the same evening at school and the schoolmaster attended it.  And there was also a meeting scheduled for the next evening, but when the people came and were assembled a person appeared who seemed to be very agitated in his mind and asked for my permit [to preach] and even though I didn’t know who he was I showed it to him, but when I found out who he was I criticized him for his behavior.  I was forbidden to preach.


After a discussion between the people, Carl Nilson came and said that those who wanted to hear me should go home with him and we had an enjoyable meeting there, and I heard many different voices about the priest’s behavior.  I remained over Sunday and also preached that evening and many of those present appeared attentive.

Monday the 13th.  Carl Nilson drove me 9 miles to Langsjonaset and because it is unusual for me to ride, it felt wonderful.  I visited my friends there and was well-received and had a good meeting with Isak Selander and was there overnight with them.  I stayed over the next day and had a meeting the next evening g at the Westbergs which also was very interesting.