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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


POSTED by CJ Christensen, 30 Jun 2010, cousin once removed of Myrtle.

See below for Ebba and Wilford Johnson Timeline and Death Certificates for Ebba and Charles Rognon.

Myrtle and Marguerite were daughters of Ebba Johnson Rognon.  They were born to Ebba and her first husband, Peter Johnson, but later took the last name of Rognon, Ebba's second husband.  Ebba and both daughters died of TB.  Since Ebba's mother died young, could it have been of TB also? 


The following is a summary of information I have on the first two children of Carl Oscar Johnson, born to Emma Olson, his first wife.  I am looking for more information on this family.  Hopefully someone will see this information and be able to add to it. 

1894, 6 Mar          Oscar W. Johnson born in Smithfield, Utah

1896. 3 Jul            Ebba Oliva Johnson born in Murray, Utah

1917                     Draft Registration - Charles Rognon, Truck Driver,livining
in  SLC,  born in Alabama, employed in Nevada, and married . See Ancestry

1902, 21 Feb         Emma Olson Johnson, first wife of Carl Oscar Johnson died in Salt Lake City - see nFS

1910                   Shelley, Idaho  Census lists Wilford O, age 16, and Ebbe O. 14 in the home of Carl O. and Gerda T Johnson in Shelley

1920                    Salt Lake City, Utah 1920 Census - Ebba is in the 1920 Census with Peter M. Johnson as her husband, and the two children listed are Myrtle E. (Ebba)  age 5 yrs & 2 mo. And Marguerite O. (Olivia)  age 1 year and 2 mo.

1920, 21 Oct        Willford md. Isabelle Carey – prob in Pueblo, Colo

1920, 21 Mar        Clifford Maurice Johnson or Rognon born in Salt Lake City. He was born to Ebba and her first husband, Peter M. Johnson. All three children later took
the name of Rognon, according to Walter Oscar Johnson, half brother of Ebba.

1930                    Pueblo Census shows  Oscar W. Johnson Refinisher with wife and 3 daughters: Patricia, Frances & Eileen.

1934                    SLC Directory lists Chas T. Rognon (Ebba's husband) trucking 768 Blair;   and Myrtle, student at same address
1936                   SLC Directory lists: Rognon, Chas T (Ebba O ) trucking h1594 E 33rd So. And Marguerite O & Myrtle E - both r1594 E. 33rd So

1938, 3 Feb           Ebba dies. Found in Death Index in Ancestry. Listed as Rognon. Age 45

1942                   SLC Dir shows Clifford in an Apartment

7 Apr 1943         Enlistment Record in Ancestry shows Clifford M. Rognon enlisting; driver, married

1957, 5 Dec      Charles Tennyson Rognon dies. He was born 1889 in Alabama. See Ancestry Salt Lake City, Cemetary Records

1965, 26 Feb     Clifford Maurice marries Norma Charlesworth

1999, 10 Sep     Clifford dies


Posted by CJ Christensen, June 30, 2010, grand niece of Charles T. Rognon.
Charles Tennyson Rognon was the second husband of Ebba Johnson Rognon, daughter of Carl Oscar Johnson and Emma, his first wife.


Posted by CJ Christensen, great niece of Ebba Johnson Rognon. 

Above is the death certificate of Ebba Johnson Rognon.  Ebba and both daughters died of pulmonary disease.  Both daughters died in their late teens or early 20's.  Since Ebba's mother died young, I wonder if this was a hereditary disease.  I would love more information about Ebba. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Posted by C. J. Christensen, granddaughter of Carl and Gerda Johnson and cousin of Aldon Johnson.

Pictured below:
Kristen Kay Johnson Nelson, youngest granddaughter of Carl Oscar & Gerda Theresia Hanson Johnson and C. Aldon Johnson, one of the oldest grandchildren of the same couple.


This article appeared in the Shelley newspaper in 1950 and was reproduced in the newspaper in 2010. It pertains to Carl Aldon Johnson, grandson of Carl Oscar Johnson and son of Allen Oscar Johnson.

Aldon and his wife have since returned twice to serve in the same mission that is mentioned in this clipping.


Posted by Carolyn J. Christensen, niece of Edythe Johnson. 


Edythe was born in Shelley, Idaho to Carl Oscar and Gerda Theresia Hanson Johnson, a twin to Edwin Oscar Johnson. She and Edwin were born on 1 June 1908 when her father was 43 years old, and her mother was 28.

Edythe died two months before she turned 16,on 9 August, 1924, a tremndous tragedy for her parents, especially her mother, who was grief stricken. (It is to be noted that Edythe was born less than a year after Carl and Gerda's two month old baby daughter, Elsa Theresia died. WHo knows but what Gerda saw in Edythe a great comfort for the loss of her third child, her baby daughter.

Gerda Johnson Wilcox, a sister that was about 20 when Edythe died, expressed that Edythe had gone on a long walk to Idaho Falls, and back. She became very ill when she got home, and passed away shortly thereafter. Gerda felt she might have died of sunstroke. Maurice had heard that she possibly had sinus problems which exacerbated the situation. Maurice also heard that she was sickly at times. Wallace tells that she had lost about two years of school because of illness, but she wasn't frail or sickly.

Allan, who would have been 18/19 when she died, and was away from home at the time on his mission, remembers her as being healthy, and having beautiful features and hair.

Other things Allan remembered about her is that she was active in sports, including swimming. Allan remembers her playing catch with him. She was active in MIA (Young Women's) work and went to church with family and friends. She had a keen mind, and could have majored in music and other fields had she had the chance. She was friendly, but of a serious nature, somewhat reserved - a little shy?

Wallace remembers Edythe not as shy, but quiet and unassuming, and very gentle and lady-like for a girl of sixteen.

Wallace remembers that Edythe was a very good seamstress, and did some fine needlework. She was making a dress at the time of her death out of coral colored dotted swiss material with black lace. Her mother treasured this dress for many years. He cooberates Allens memories of Edythe being very pretty with fine features. He also remembers her as being quite tall.

Edythe had several girl friends, two of them being Maude Nielson and Bea Mallor. Strangely, both of them died very young as did Edythe. It is assumed that since Ruth was two years younger than Edythe, Edythe and Ruth were probably good friends as well as sisters.

Wallace was 7 years younger than Edythe, Walter 9 years younger, Berniece 12 years younger, and Maurice was 13 years younger than Edith.

Wallace told about a time when she was tending the four younger children when her parents were away. They always liked to have her tend because she was so kind and gentle. One particular time, all four of the children were supposed to go to sleep on a large cot in the kitch, two at each end. For some reason, Wallace felt abused and started to cry. (He said he possibly make have been faking to get some sympathetic attention.) It worked. Edythe took him on her lap and comforted him.

See Shelley 2nd Ward Records. Listed her dying of paralysis.

Notes:  By Carolyn Christensen.  I am not sure of the spelling for Edythe's name.  I am assuming Allen's daughter Edythe was named after Allen's sister, therefore have used the spelling shown.  Also, I believe that all the children had the middle name of Oscar or Oscaria.  Can anyone confirm any of this?