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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have posted a picture of Bernice in conjunction with the sketch of her life.


Posted by Carolyn J. Christensen

The following blessing was given to Carl Oscar Johnson before he went on his first mission from the US to Sweden in 1897.


Pronounced upon the head of Elder Carl Oskar Johnson, in the Salt Lake Temple Annex, April 16, 1897, by Apostle John Henry Smith.

Brother Carl Oskar Johns, we ordain you a Seventy in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we confer upon you the keys, powers, authorities and blessings pertaining to this high and holy calling in the holy Melchizedek Priesthood.

And inasmuch as you have been chosen by the servants of the Lord to go to Scandinavia to administer in that land, we bless you with the spirit of the labor that is assigned to you; and we ask of our Father to gladden your heart, to give you joy and rejoicing that you have been worthy to take part in the spread of the great latter day work. We bless you that you may have health and strength; that you may have the revelations of the Holy Spirit, that it shall enlighten your mind and prepare you for the discharge of this ministry; that the testimony of the truth may well up in thy soul; that the love of mankind and their redemption may take possession of you; that you may go forth in power, testifying and calling upon the world to repent, teaching the visitation of heavenly messengers, and that our Father designs that the preaching of the truth will be followed by evils, sickness, plagues and famine upon the people, if they repent not and turn not to their Heavenly Father. We bless you that upon whomsoever you shall lay your hands shall receive the Holy Ghost, the Comforter; that you may have power to cast our evil spirits, to confer the Priesthood, to rebuke disease, and to administer in every way and manner the duties and requirements of your office. We bless you that you may go in peace by land and by sea, and that when you have completed your labors in that land you shall return in safety, joyous and happy that the Lord has provided for your wants. We bless you that you may have power to resist temptations and control your appetites, to avoid the use of intoxicants, or anything that would take from you your reason and banish from you the Holy Spirit; and we bless you that you may read the Scriptures and understand them. We promise you everything that your heart desires in righteousness, if you will be faithful and magnify this calling, and obey the requirements that are laid upon you at this time.

These blessing we seal upon your head, and set you apart to this mission in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Martin S. Lindsay,    Reporter.