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Friday, January 9, 2015


This photo was sent by Bart and Jeanette Little.  CJ Lundquist, first cousin of Gerda Hanson Johnson appears in the middle.  His wife Betsey is on the right at the bottom.  Behind his head is Signe Lundquist who worked in Iowa as a nurse and married a local Iowa farmer named Gerald Little and had 4 sons.  Sadly, Gerald Little died during the influenza pandemic in 1935 when all his sons were quite young.  Then a decade later in 1947, Signe Lundquist Little was killed in a tragic car accident.  Bart Little, named above, never knew his Little grandparents, but his father grew up very involved in the close-knit Lundquist family as did Bart.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Distant relatives of Gerda  Hanson
who live in the United States
have been FOUND !!!!!!!!!

From Carolyn:
For many years, I have tried to find distant relatives of Carl and Gerda who live in the United States.  Recently, with help from Sharon Nuttal, granddaughter of Aunt Gerda, I was in contact with Jeanette R. Little from Aiken, South Carolina.  She sent me the following information and gave me permission to post this on the blog.
From: Jeanette


 "Its very nice to hear from you.  I am quite confident that my husband, Bart Little is distantly related to you. 

 He is a descendant of Hedda Lena Hansdotter, who had a brother, Carl Johan Hanson...who by our records is the father of Gerda Hanson.

 We don't have any specific information about Gerda or her family line on down, but we have done a deep dive into the Swedish records about Hedda Lena Hansdotter and her brother, and we are working our way back through the old church records.

Here is a general recap of what we know.

Hans Persson (1802 - 1863)  married Anna Stina Benghtsdotter (1812- 1852) in 1837 in a church known as Tryserum Parrish, Valdemarsvik Municipality, Kalmar Län, Sweden.

They had a total of 5 children:

Anna Lotta Hansdotter (1839-1885)

Hedda Lena Hansdotter (1842-1910)

Carl Johan Hansson (1845 - 1898)

Anders Peters Hansson (1849-1850)

Christina Mathilda Hansdotter (1851-1851)

 As you can see from the dates, the two youngest children did not survive to adulthood, and the mother, Anna Stina died around the same timeframe as the youngest two children.

For many years, the family lived on a farm named Käggla, we strongly suspect they rented the farm rather than being landowners.

As a widower, Hans Persson kept his children with him until they were adults, his daughters Anna Lotta and Hedda Lena moved to nearby farms to work after age 17.   He continued to live with his son, Carl Johan until his death when Carl Johan Hansson was 18 or 19 years old.

The three children took different paths once their parents had passed away....the oldest child, Anna Lotta had three children, but didn't marry until she was over 40 years old.  I don't have a great deal of information about her three children, she had a son Karl, and two daughters Anna and Hulda.  The records seem to indicate that one of the daughters, Anna immigrated to Canada in 1892...but we are missing significant pieces to that story.

The middle child, Hedda Lena, married Nils Martin Magnusson in 1864 at age 21 and they lived in the same area as her father until  1882 when the whole family immigrated to a Swedish settlement in Stanton Iowa.  They had four children, three of whom were born in Sweden: Carl Johan, Anna, Sven, and Gus.  The entire family changed their surname to Lundquist when they immigrated to the United States.  Hedda and Nils Lundquist are buried in Stanton, Iowa, but the grave is unmarked.   Their oldest son Carl Johan Lundquist married a Swedish immigrant and had 10 children.  Anna married and had one daughter before her passing as a young adult.  Sven did not survive to adulthood, and Gus had 4 children.

The youngest child, Carl Johnan Hansson, married twice.  His first wife was Carolina Carlotta Andersdotter, and we suspect his second wife was her sister, Wilhemina Andersdotter.   Our records show they had three children, Anna - who died as a infant, Gerda and a son, Carl Allen.  The family moved to the Stockholm area in the 1890s - and that's where the access to the church records ends for us.  We suspect that Carl Allen remained in Sweden as he appears in a Swedish death index, but it doesn't tell us when he died or if he ever married."
From Carolyn:
As I learn more from this family - I will include it on the blog.