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Monday, July 30, 2012

I am a 1940 Indexer and Arbitrator. 
155,000 of us have finished the 1940 Census in 3.5 months instead of the estimated 6 months. 
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Carolyn Christensen

Friday, July 20, 2012


My brother, Dale Johnson, recently visited Sweden where he took pictures in the places that Carl Oscar Johnson was born and christened, and where Gerda Theresia Hanson Johnson was born and christened, and where she lived.  According to Dale, the country is beautiful, with rolling hills, farms and forests, many islands and small villages and a few large cities.  You will find other pictures of these places elsewhere on the blog submitted by Dennis Bingham.

I have been fortunate enough to be given pictures of WILFORD OSCAR JOHNSON, Carl's oldest son.  You will find these pictures under his name, and after the Sweden Pictures.


After her mother died, Gerda's family moved to this city.

Sorry, my program would not rotate this picture for the blog.


Tryserum, Kalmar, Sweden

birthplace and christening place of
Gerda Theresia Hanson Johnson

 Birth & Christening place of


Recently I was contact by  nephew of Wilford Johnson and given some information, including a contacvt with Wilford;s Granddaughter, Sharen.  Sharen sent me the following pictures for which I am grateful.  These are the first pictures of Wilford I have seen except as a child in some early photos.  I have written further in other places on this blog about Wilford and Ebba, the first two children of Carl Oscar Johnson.  I have tried to find more about their mother, Emma, but have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks to John Carey and Sharen Bond  leading me to these pictures.

           Wilford Oscar (Known as both at different times) and his son-in-law.

Wilford and one of his three daughters.

                                                    Wilford, cropped from first picture.

                                                               Wilford Oscar Johnson

Friday, July 6, 2012


FOLLOWING:  Research notes I have on Wilford and Ebba Johnon and their families.  I am still looking for additional information and would appreciate a contact from anyone who has more information.  I have now added to this blog any information I have on these two people and their families.  I would especially like pictures!


 Aldon Johnson, son of Allen Johnson (Half Brother of Wilford and Ebba) visited Carolyn.  This is what I learned.  

           Ebba married a Rognan, and two children. 


One was Clifford Rognan who married Norma and lived in Bountiful.  (I looked up Rognan in the phone book and found one in Salt Lake. William & Gwen Rognan and also a Philip Rognan.  I will try to call him.) 

 Info from Aldon

            The other child was Marguerite Olivia.  (This information came to me 6 weeks after Kanda named her baby Olivia.)  Marguerite contracted TB and went to live with Allen and Rula in Shelley until she died.  She is buried in Fielding Memorial Cemetery in Idaho Falls.  Aldon thinks she was about 25 years old at the time.


 DONE Look in the Census for Rognons & Ebba Johnson.. 

DONE Look in nFS.  FOUND

DONE E-mail the two addresses I found in nFS – hope to coninue

DONE Look in City Directories through Ancestry for Charles Rognon , Clifford Rognon, and

            Ebba Rognon


nFS –

Clifford Maurice Rognon – also listed as Clifford Maurice Johnson or Rognon and

            Clifford Maurice Rognon or Johnson

Parents:  Charles Tennyson Rognon & Ebba Oliva Johnson

The Parents of Charles Tennyson Rognon are James P. Rognon & Rhoda Jackson and the line

             continues back on the Jackson line only.

Born 21 Mar 1920 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Died 10 Sep 1999

Bapt:  26 Feb 1938 – confirmed the same day.

End – 26 Feb 1965 in Salt Lake Temple

The sealing to parents is reserved by Don Rognon.

Sealed to Spouse:  Norma Charlesworth 26 Feb 1965.

No children are shown for Clifford Rognon.  (Prob living)



It doesn’t show any other children of Ebba and Charles in nFS.  Also – no marriage date. 

Ebba died:   3 Feb 1938 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Buried 20 Feb 1938 – with the source as Membership Records.  (ASSUMPTION:  She died before Marguerite. )

 Bapt:  2 Aug 1904

End: 27 Sep 1989 – IF


Slg to spouse reserved by Don Rognon. 

 NOTE:  I had added Ebba’s name as Olivia Ebba Johnson. 

            However, in looking at combined sources, I also added her as Ebba Oliva so I deleted the other entry.  There are three sources – I am two of them and Church Membership Records are the third. The chuch membership calls her Elba Olivia.

 YES - 1920 Census of Utah

Ebba wife of Peter M. Johnson with two daughters, one is Marguerite and one is Myrtle

 NO - Utah Death Records  for Ebba

NO – Utah Obituaries for Ebba

 YES – Utah City Directories on Ancestry

            Ebba Rognon lives in Salt Lake


Nfs & Census

Born:  6 Mar 1894 in Smithfield, Utah. 

Served in World War I

Md:  Isabelle Carey – 21 Oct 1920 – prob in Pueblo. 

Moved to Pueblo.

 1930  Census shows him as Oscar W. Johnson


           3 daughters:            Patricia, Frances & Eileen.

nFS shows:

Membership under Oscar W. Johansen  ???

No death date as been supplied.

No spouses and children are supplied.

Bapt:  2 Jan 1975  IF

End:  27 Jan 1975  IF

SP:       27 Feb 1975 IF

Wilford Oscar was BIC.

YES – Shelley 2nd Ward Records on Microfilm

Oscar Wilford

Born 6 May 1894 in Smithfield, Cache, utah

Bapt 2 Aug 1903 by John Proctor

Conf 2 Aug 1903 by Levi Naylor

Teacher 22 Jan 1912 by Warren Mallory

Marr  21 Oct 1920 – Civil – Isabella Carrie, non-member

Olivia Ebba

Born 3 Jul 1896 in Murray

Bapt 7 Aug 1904 by C. R. Elman

Conf 7 Aug 1904 by David Powell

Info from Walter Oscar Johnson 3-10 over the phone to Carolyn Christensen.

Myrtle, Marguerite and Clifford were born to Peter M. Johnson (Walter thought it was Larsen, but nFS and Census shows Johnson).  When Ebba married Charles Rognon, the children took his name. 

Myrtle died young, possibly right after High School.  Myrtle, Marguerite, and Ebba all died of TB.