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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have been inactive on this blog for several months, but feel the time has come to resume activity.  Therefore, you can expect to see new and/or revised materials and pictures in the future.  I am sorry for this long hiatus, but hope to remedy that now.  Carolyn Johnson Christensen


This is a picture of Carl Oscar Johnson that appeared in the book, "History of the Swedish Mission". I have added this picture to any materials on this blog that are concerned with Carl's missions in Sweden.


Carl Oscar Johnson’s Mission Journal – pages 67-73

March 1-13, 1899
[Note:  Johnson has misnumbered this page as page 67 even though it should be page 69, and thereafter in his diary continues the error in pagination.  I have used his page numbers as written despite the error.]

Therefore, some of them left that [meeting] place and went home even though there would [eventually] be a meeting, and at 7 p.m. many people came from their homes to us so that we had a full house, and I took the time to speak.

We slept overnight at the Ostlunds and the following day we visited many places and at night we walked to Boda and held a meeting there at one Hogelin but it was not filled with as many people as usual because notice had not been very wide spread.  We stayed at the Olof Ledins overnight and the following day, and had it very well with them and conversed much about religion and other things.
On Friday we walked to the Bermans in Westana because we were invited to stay the day with them, but we also were invited to other places and it seemed that all would have us as guests.

Regarding the people’s so great friendliness, it will be hard for it to disappear from our memory. On Saturday we walked to Kranga because a meeting was scheduled there but along the way we were invited into a couple of places.  Ewe were well received at the Asllins [Oslins] and had a very good meeting on the appointed night, and many people were there.  I spoke to them the whole time and I felt very good about it, and a meeting was scheduled for the following day.

Sunday the 5th [of March].  We had a time for song and music before the meeting began and after that Brother Anderson spoke for a time after which I began, and it was so good to speak in these meetings that we did not need to tax ourselves in the least.  There were some who after this [meeting] expressed a desire to be baptized and said that in the near future they wished to enter the Church.

We left this place and visited a couple of places along the way to the John Ostlunds where people were already assembled, and so we once again had a good meeting and many people were there.

Once again there were attempts to oppose us in that a preacher Hanson who belonged to the United [Moravian} Brethren was called here to work against our activity but that also was to our benefit.  Several of their members were expelled because they had taken me in. Others left [the United Brethren] on the ground of the lack of love and the hate which prevailed, and it appeared that the entire congregations was about to disband and I expect several of those good individuals to unite themselves with us.

Monday the 6th.   I went in company with Brother Anderson to the Nordlunds because he will leave to go back to Sundsvall and I shall stay and continue the work.


I visited the Alfvars where I was for 5 hours and talked with them about the Gospel, and they were very happy about my visit with them.  Later, I walked to the Bermans again because I had as it were my home with them and their wish was that I should stay with them.

Tuesday the 7th.  I was there until afternoon when a girl came and asked me to go to their home and I went and was well-received.  Those people had been expelled from the United [Moravian] Brethren congregation.  There was another meeting at the school at 7 p.m. and many were there even though it was so cold, and the people showed me the greatest love and trust, and my fine singers were so willing to perform songs and music [instrumental?]to thereby improve interest and increase pleasure [in the meeting].   I stayed with the Bermans this night, also.


The next day I left the people there and went to the Aslins at Kranga where I was invited to dinner and we scheduled a meeting for the next week.  Later I visited with the Hodins and Selanders and was well-received.  There was a Mrs. Timmer who went with me to Langsjonaset and when I got there I was taken care of well by people [named].  Westerberg who also scheduled a meeting that evening.  IO then had my first meeting in this village and many were present there, and I sold 5 books after the meeting ended.  Another meeting for the next evening was announced.  Next day I rested and wrote my report and I had it very good at the before named people[‘s home], and we talked about all sorts of things.  And I reflected over how the mission could be maintained in this region because missionaries are needed to support it.
At night the house was again full of attentive listeners and we also had good music.  The following day I walked through the woods and came to Hellsjo and met Carl Nilson with whom I was slightly acquainted and who desired that I should be a guest at his home, and I was very well-received, and there was also a meeting the same evening at school and the schoolmaster attended it.  And there was also a meeting scheduled for the next evening, but when the people came and were assembled a person appeared who seemed to be very agitated in his mind and asked for my permit [to preach] and even though I didn’t know who he was I showed it to him, but when I found out who he was I criticized him for his behavior.  I was forbidden to preach.


After a discussion between the people, Carl Nilson came and said that those who wanted to hear me should go home with him and we had an enjoyable meeting there, and I heard many different voices about the priest’s behavior.  I remained over Sunday and also preached that evening and many of those present appeared attentive.

Monday the 13th.  Carl Nilson drove me 9 miles to Langsjonaset and because it is unusual for me to ride, it felt wonderful.  I visited my friends there and was well-received and had a good meeting with Isak Selander and was there overnight with them.  I stayed over the next day and had a meeting the next evening g at the Westbergs which also was very interesting.