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Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a picture of Carl O. Johnson and sons.  The picture is not very good.  I am assumeing Carl is on the left.  Can anyone identify the others?

Another Johnson Picture.  I can identify Earl, Delmar, Margaret, Carolyn, Doris, Maurice, Maureen, Fae, Leona, Bernice, Bing (Norman), Walter, Gayle, Allen and Rula.  Others I am not sure of.  Can anyone identify the ones not named?

Monday, May 10, 2010


Posted by Carolyn J. Christensen, granddaughter of Carl and Gerda Johnson.

I have no pictures of Wilford and Ebba, and would like some if anyone has some.  I am also looking for any pictures I can find of this family. 

From Left o Right:
Back Row:  Edwin, Wallace, Allen, Maurice, Walter
Front Row:  Gerda, Bernice, Gerda Hanson Johnson, Ruth
Picture probably taken in early 1950s.

From Left to right:
Rula - wife of Allen, Leona - wife of Walter, Bea - wife of Edwin, Gerda Johnson Wilcox, Ruth Johnson Dean, Bernice Johnson Bingham, Fae - wife of Wallace and Doris - wife of Maurice.
Picture probably taken in early 1940s.


Posted by Carolyn J. Christensen, granddaughter of Carl O. and Gerda T. Johnson.

This is an arial view of the home and yard of the Carl Oscar Johnson home built by him on the "old Taylor Highway" about one and a half miles east of Shelley.  The picture was taken in 1991. 

The dirt road in this picture goes to the back area of the farm, the fields being behind the east neighbors road front property.

Family legend indicates the home was built in about 1928 while the Johnson family was living across the street in Shelley from the old Shelley Second Ward LDS Church.  Legend continues that the home was ordered from Montgomery Ward, arrived as a "kit" including instructions, and was built by Carl and some of his sons.  At least part of the family camped out on the property as they finished the home. 

 Other information about the home and farm would be greatly appreciated.

This picture was taken of the Carl & Gerda Johnson home in 2000.  It has since undergone an addition to the back of the home making the top floor larger, and adding an apartment in the basement where Doris Johnson, wife of Maurice Johnson who is the son of Carl and Gerda still lives.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


You can probably think of several things this could be, but can anyone tell what it is specifically?  Let's have some guesses, especially from people outside the Maurice Johnson Family. 

This is actually a baby crib.  Maurice Johnson slept in it, as probably did the siblings of Maurice.


Posted by Carolyn Johnson Christensen, granddaughter of Carl O. and Gerda H. Hansen.

Look close, and you will see who owned this Milk Can.  I don't know about you, but I was excited when I first saw this.  It is in the possession of Carl Maurice Johnson, grandsson of Carl and Gerda, son of Maurice.
He told me that many years ago a neighbor, Arvil Millar, called him and Maurice and asked them to come over to his home.  He indicated he had been digging near a ditch, and this milk can top appeared.  When I heard this story, it reminded me that Carl and Gerda had farmed in several areas in Shelley, one being what some of us know as the Arvil Millar Farm, just past the old railroad tracks on the road going east out of Shelley. 
Another view of the milk can.  Seeing this brought back memories of one of my "jobs" as a daughter of Maurice.  It was my responsibility to get the milk can cart, hook each milk can in turn out by the hiway, and return the empty can to the barn in order for Dad to fill it again, to return to the roadside where it would be picked up by the milk company.  The cart looked like a handcart, without the bed, and instead, sporting a contraption that had a hook on it.  I would hook the cans by the handles and trudge from the highway to the barn  two or three times a day.  Of course, Dad took the full cans out to the road.